Published 21.06.2021

Every year, in early May and until mid-June, 1st-year students take part in field training camps. The training camps were…

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Published 02.06.2021

Today all over the world celebrate a very important and necessary date – Children’s Day. The volunteers of the college,…

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Published 02.06.2021

   On June 1, the college’s volunteers took part in the “Extend the Hand of Life!”campaign.     The purpose of…

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Published 01.06.2021

On May 31, a round table dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions was held…

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Published 31.05.2021

    31.05.21 within the framework of the family club, a consultation was held for parents on the topic “The role…

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Published 19.05.2021

To be in harmony with yourself and with the world around you, to be kind and to give good to…

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Published 18.05.2021

On March 17, a meeting on the topic: “Forms and methods of recruitment into destructive religious movements” with a member…

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Address of the director

Katkenov Kussain Amangeldinovich -Director, Candidate of pedagogical sciences

Dear graduates!

I sincerely congratulate you on your graduation from our college!

You have come a long way - from initiation into students to passing the State Final Attestation and receiving a diploma.

The years of student life are left behind: cheerful, happy, filled with studies and creativity, the joy of discoveries and unforgettable meetings; behind the notes, exams, sleepless nights! In college, you received solid knowledge, abilities and skills, moral guidelines, showed your abilities and talents for the first time.

A journey of thousands of miles begins with the first step. In college, your teachers and masters walked with you step by step. Before their eyes, you grew from high school graduates into professionals. Today your mentors are happy and worried about you. When you say goodbye to college, try not to part with those who have put a piece of their soul into each of you.


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Youth health center 8-7142-22-55-50

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