Published 15.05.2023

On May 12, an online meeting was organized for students of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College on the topic: “Rhetoric of…

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Published 11.05.2023

On May 10, 2023, in the ES-22 group, specialty 07130200 Power Supply (by industry), a curatorial hour was held on…

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Published 11.04.2023

On April 10, 2023, teachers of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College Baigentov B.B., Seitkaliev A.K., Morgun V.I., Nazarenko S.A. conducted career…

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Published 10.04.2023

As part of the annual career guidance work on, teachers of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College visited schools in Kostanay…

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Published 06.04.2023

05.04.2023, according to the plan of educational work, the curator of the group Gorpenko N.A. and students of the group…

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Published 23.02.2023

On January 17, 2023, I conducted a career guidance conversation with students of secondary school №19 in Kostanay regarding the…

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Published 31.01.2023

On January 31, 2023 Sagandykova Zh. B. and Kurierova M. P., teachers of special disciplines of Kostanai Polytechnic High College…

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Customer protection
Address of the director

Katkenov Kussain Amangeldinovich -Director, Candidate of pedagogical sciences


Dear applicants!

Today, Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College is one of the leading educational institutions that prepare highly qualified specialists for the industrial and innovative economy of the country. The Higher College is a multidisciplinary educational institution with a highly developed infrastructure and a modern material and technical base. College graduates, thanks to high-quality training, are competitive and in demand in the labor market.

In 2023, the college is engaging students on the base of basic and general secondary education in the following specialties and qualifications:  07130200 «Electric power supply (by industry)» with the qualification 4S07130202 «Electrical technician», 07130700 «Maintenance, repair and operation of electromechanical equipment» (by type and industry) – qualification 4S07130704 «Electrical and mechanical technician», 3W07130701 «Electrical equipment installer», 07211200 «Elevator, flour milling, grain and feed production» – qualification 4S07211203 «Technician-technologist», 07150100 «Technology of mechanical engineering (by type)» – qualifications 4S07150106 «Technician-mechanic», 3W07150101 «Mechanic-repairman», 7210300 «Bakery, pasta and confectionery production» – qualifications 4S07210305 «Technician-technologist», 3W07210302 «Pastry chef», 06130100 «Software (by type)» with the assignment of qualifications 4S06130103 «Software developer», 3W06130102 «Web designer» and 3W06130101 «Software package operator», 07880100 «Standardization, metrology and certification (by industry)» – qualification 4S07880101 «Standardization technician», 04110100 «Accounting and audit (by industry)» – qualification 4S04110102 «Accountant». For the fourth-year students will be recruited on the base of full-time technical and professional education in the specialty 06120100 «Computer Engineering and information networks (by type)» 5AV06120101 «Applied Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Information Networks».

For the second year, the higher college is recruiting for the specialty 07140700 «Automation and control of technological processes» (according to the profile) with the assignment of the qualification 4S07140504 «Electrical technician».

The college is provided with a high-quality material and technical, educational and didactic base, highly qualified personnel for high-quality training of future specialists. The educational institution invites graduates of grades 9-11 of schools of the city and the region to study in the above-mentioned specialties.

Director of the college K.A.Katkenov


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