The departments of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College are a structural unit that carries out educational, methodological and necessarily research work, providing the learning process, both in the mode of functioning and necessarily in the mode of development. The department is headed by the head of the department. The head of the department is selected from among the most qualified specialists with creative and organizational skills.

The department implements approaches to strategy, developed by the methodological council and adopted by its teaching staff, builds its work in accordance with the college’s strategic documents.

The department brings together the most creative, proactive teachers, focused on innovation, research and experimental activities.

The departments are engaged in:

  • development and examination of concepts for new curricula and courses (both mandatory and optional), relevant curricula, educational technologies, methodologies;
  • discussion, reviewing, opposing various materials prepared at the department;
  • analysis of the progress and results of innovation;
  • forecasting changes in the needs for scientific and methodological support of educational work in their profile;
  • carrying out a problematic analysis of the results of innovations directly initiated by the department;
  • organization and obligatory conductance of research work;
  • development and correction of strategic documents within their competence;
  • guidance of students’ research work;
  • making proposals for improving educational and methodological work, the activities of the methodological council;
  • organizing various creative competitions, intellectual marathons;
  • organizing work on the creation and enrichment of data banks on promising innovations and innovative ideas within their competence and in their profile;
  • development of methodological tools for establishing the effectiveness of ongoing innovations, research results.

The department coordinates its activities with the methodological council, the deputy director for educational and methodological work, is accountable to the pedagogical council of the college. The department is responsible for the high-quality and timely implementation of the decisions made by it, monitors the programs and activities carried out.

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