Youth policy

Youth policy

To be young is to “run” forward.

Run, creating, helping loved ones, leaving a positive trail behind.

Learn, strive, be patriots and think about the future! “


Inspector of the Committee on Youth Affairs

Murzagalieva Dana Seitbekovna

Contacts: 87024904342

Our youth must live with dignity and, like the apple of their eye, they must protect the customs and traditions of the people, learn and inspire others with their skills and talents, be free and implement the advanced humane ideas of mankind.

The Committee for Youth Affairs is a structural subdivision of the college in the field of implementing the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Committee for Youth Affairs is the best representatives of student youth, elected by voting. To be young means to love movement, to be able to do it so that it brings pleasure to yourself and those around you.

 The Committee for Youth Affairs is your chance to find yourself, reveal all your talents and capabilities, develop them to the highest level and show the WHOLE WORLD what you are capable of and what you stand for. Everyone here will be able to choose something for themselves, and if not, there is always the opportunity to create their own direction and lead it!

The main objectives of The Committee for Youth Affairs:

  • activation of social activities of students;
  • formation of civic consciousness of youth;
  • education of patriotic feelings;
  • support and implementation of student initiatives;
  • assistance in the development of personal self-realization of student youth.

Priority tasks of The Committee for Youth Affairs:

  • education of an active and conscientious citizen, a patriot of his country;
  • protection of the rights and legitimate interests of college students;
  • development of an independent, harmoniously developed creative personality, capable of adapting to the changing conditions of society;
  • promoting the broad participation of students in social, cultural and public activities of the state;
  • providing support to talented and gifted youth;
  • creating conditions for dialogue and interaction between students and college administration;
  • assistance in the formation of a healthy lifestyle among students.
KDM direction
  1. Education of Kazakhstani patriotism and citizenship, legal education.
  2. Spiritual and moral education
  3. National education
  4. Family education
  5. Labor, economic and environmental education
  6. Multicultural and artistic and aesthetic education
  7. Intellectual education, education of information culture
  8. Physical culture, healthy lifestyle.
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