Self-knowledge lesson “Mercy is the core of modern society”

“The course“ Self-knowledge ”helps a person to find himself, to reveal the best qualities, not to change himself, to maintain his dignity and always remain a person in the full sense of the word”

Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva

On February 6, as part of the decade “Self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity”, an open lesson on the topic “Mercy is the core of modern society” was held in the TP-21 group.

The purpose of the event was to give a concept and characterization of the word “mercy” as the main and fundamental moral postulate of a person who began, ennobles and improves the lives of people and society, learn how to compare and analyze the manifestation of mercy and compassion.

During the lesson, students made up a cluster of traditional values ​​of society, discussed the role of mercy in everyone’s life, and discussed whether mercy is the core of modern society.

Work in the lesson contributed to the formation of communicative competencies of students, the formation of spiritual and moral qualities among students. During the event, students realized the role of mercy in the life of every person, learned that by showing mercy, a person changes for the better.

 The open lesson ended with a group singing of the song “Way of Kindness”

Information was prepared by the teacher-organizer A. Pushkareva

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