Master class-help in choosing a profession!

For a better understanding of the professions, all wishing applicants in our college are given the opportunity to test themselves as specialists. Teachers develop specific recommendations for mastering the skills of a particular specialty.

For example, the teacher Gall Tatyana held an interesting master class with the students of the Ozernaya and Zhambyl secondary schools. The people, dressed in special white dressing gowns, participated in the creation of bakery masterpieces!

The students of the school № 30 visited our college. During the career, orientation tour the people got an idea about the demanded professions related to programming, machine building, and power supply. They listened with interest to the information on the specialty “Elevator, flour, cereals and feed mill production”, presented by the teachers of the Technical Drilling Center of Technical Disciplines Mukhametkalieva Anara, Rizhenko Ekaterina.

Visiting our master classes, the students thank the teachers for the prepared activities, for what they now understand in what direction to move on and what to strive for!

Information was prepared by A.Segizbaeva

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