About different, necessary and important professions.

As part of the annual career guidance work on, teachers of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College visited schools in Kostanay district, such as: Zhambyl secondary school, Kadyr Karimov secondary school, the main secondary school of the village of ENBEK, Zhukovskaya primary secondary school, Alexander secondary school, Nadezhda secondary school. These meetings covered 74 students.

A responsible time is approaching for school graduates to make an informed life choice of a profession, among the many available ones.

There was a live conversation in the form of questions and answers with watching videos on all specialties of the college with school students and classroom teachers. It was interesting for the students to find out: what professions are prepared in our educational institution, what conditions are created for studying and living, what our students do in their free time and much more.

Such meetings help students decide on the choice of profession and focus on the most important and interesting one.

The information was prepared by teachers: Yesengeldina B.D.,

Uaisova M.M.,

Bondareva N.N.,

Rizhenko E.T.

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