Week of CMC of technical disciplines

Within the walls of the Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College, a methodological week of the CMC of technical disciplines was held in the period from December 11 to December 15, 2017.

The goal was to show innovative forms and methods of the educational process, to analyze the didactic effectiveness of the use of teaching aids, to generalize the methods of scientific organization and quality control of the educational process.

Every day was full of activities, different in content and form of conduct.

The methodical week of the CMC began on the eve of the state holiday from the conference of the roundtable “Pages of Independence”, where the students of the college made their presentations and after the conference, there was an active discussion at the round table.

The next day, a vocational guidance contest “Best in Profession” was held for invited students of secondary schools №2 and №9. Prepared and held competition teachers of special disciplines Mukhametkalieva A.T. and Izdelyueva S.S. The participants of the competition were awarded with certificates, letters of commendation and letters of thanks.

Within the framework of the week of the CMC, the intellectual game “Pages of History” was held, where the groups GT-21, TP-19, E-9, and ES-9 took part. Competent jury determined the winners of 1, 2, 3 degrees, who were awarded with certificates after the extracurricular event.

Future technicians-technologists met with graduates of the college, working on the specialty “Elevators, flour-milling, cereals and feed mill production”, organized by teachers of special disciplines Zh. B. Sagindykova. and Rizhenko E.T. The participants of the meeting actively discussed interesting and topical issues.

During the week of the CMC of technical disciplines, an open class was held in-group 4 of the course GT-15 by the teacher Izdelyueva I.S. “Control of the technological process of grain processing at flour mills”, where Internet technologies were used and the creative skills of the students became more active. Teacher Zhangabylova N.D. held an open lesson «Analysis of technological drawings of flour» with students of the group GT-13.

The week was fruitful, with active participation of students in all planned events.

The chair of the CMC of technical disciplines Aspandiyarova G.B. prepared information.

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