Unity of dissimilarities

Now that we have learned to fly the air like birds,

swim under water like fish, we lack one thing –

to learn to live on earth as human beings.

(Bernard Shaw)

People all around the World celebrated International Day of Tolerance on November 16. That is why students and teachers of Kostanay polytechnic college discussed problems of tolerance during the weekly curatorial hour on November 15.
Students tried to find answer to such a contradictory question: “What does it mean to be tolerant?”

Akhmadieva M.B., who was responsible for the event has shown video “Tolerance attitude between people” to the students and conducted a thematic game with them.

Students expressed their opinion about the need to understand and accept the dissimilarity of people against each other, talked about respect for elders, help to those in need, etc.
The curatorial hour ended with a flash mob “Unlike”, prepared by the group of ХП-12.

The information was prepared by curator of the group ХП-12 Ahmadieva M.B.

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