Tolerance is the basis of peace and harmony of Kazakhstan society

Казахи мы и русские, карелы и корейцы, 
Мы черные, и русые, и смуглые, и белые. 

 В Казахстане — на земле родной, 
Живем мы все большой и дружной семьей. 

Within the framework of the decade of tolerance on November 8, student of the group СТ-3 Menzaripova Diana, a member of the information and propaganda group, held a training course “Tolerance is the basis of peace and  harmony of the Kazakhstan society” among students of the 1-2 courses.

During the training, students noted that tolerance and interethnic harmony prevailing in Kazakhstan can serve as an example for many countries.

People of the whole Earth want to live in peace, friendship, understanding under one sun, living with family. Peace, harmony and unity of peoples are the most important things in the universe.

The head of our state Nursultan Nazarbayev said: “We must teach our youth to listen and understand others, respect the language, religion and customs of other nations. Without this, it is impossible to succeed in the modern world”

 The information was prepared by the teacher of history Ovchinnikova F.B.

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