How is the problem of choosing a profession graduates of schools solved today? Is the vocational guidance important in our society important? How to help young people choose their professional path? How to communicate clearly and clearly to those who today face the problem of finding their future path? Of course, those who are close to you by age and spirit can best do it.

Within the framework of the program “Spiritual revival”, the Forum “World of Professions” held in Fedorovsky District for schoolchildren of 9-11 grades proved that important work is given to vocational guidance work! In his speech, akim of the region Tauba Kairzhanovich Isabayev emphasized the attention of the forum participants to the given opportunity to choose an educational institution and a future profession. Choice of profession is a serious and responsible issue, which eventually one has to deal with any graduate of the general education school.

Mock-ups for energy, video presentations of specialties and achievements of the college, bakery and confectionery products cooked by students of the specialty «Bakery, pasta and confectionery» under the guidance of teacher-teachers Irina Ryadinskaya and Olga Broze represented the exhibition area of the Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College in the hall of the Fedorov Palace of Culture. In addition, advertising information was posted on the stands and rollups. Boys and girls were fascinated watching the demonstration of a mini pneumatic conveyor stationary for cleaning grain, the mechanism of work, which showed and explained the student of the 4th course Valery Kotsurenko. A second-year students Menzaripova Diana, Kirillov Valeriy and Temirkhanov Madina treated the students with confectionery products prepared by our students. Around the teacher of the college Mukhametkalieva Anara the audience gathered, who were interested in information about the specialty “Elevator, flour, cereals and feed mill”.

In the assembly hall of the Fedorov district of the House of Culture, the students of 19 schools of the district gathered, before which the higher educational institutions and colleges of the region delivered their vocational guidance projects.

The team of teachers and students of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College also presented the specialties for which specialists are trained. The best students of our college were the best students of our college. They are the gold medalist of the WorldSkills Kazakhstan 2017 championship, the silver medalist of the WorldSkills 2017 international championship and the participant of the WorldSkills 2017 World Championship Valery Kotsurenko.

The student of the programmer Petrushkov Yakov made an interesting speech. Details were given about the specialties of Anar Mukhametkaliyeva and Diana Menzaripova. The chair of the Committee on Youth Affairs Dastan Bekov provided information on the educational work, about the achievements of students.

A stormy ovation was accompanied by speeches by our students Ali Isa, Valeria Kirillova and Madina Temirkhanova, who sang the college anthem and the song “We are young”.

All participants of the forum, both schoolchildren and schoolteachers, were additionally awarded with advertising booklets, brochures about the specialties of the college.

We would like to thank Akimat of the Fedorov district in the person of akim Tauba Kairzhanovich Isabaev and the Education Department of the District of the Fedorovsky District Akimat in the person of the head of Beketbaeva Dinara Abdykarimovna for the professional organization of the event and the opportunity to conduct a large-scale career guidance work with schoolchildren.

Segizbaeva Ai-Gul Seralievna, Cand.Biol.Science.

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