The curatorial hour «Traditions and customs of our people»

Nauryz – is a holiday of spring and nature renewal. Nauryz is the most long-awaited and joyful holiday. Today this holiday is equally dear to all peoples living in multinational Kazakhstan. The holiday of Nauryz was harmoniously transformed into modern life, preserving the continuity of the traditions of antiquity.

On March 14, 2018, a curatorial hour was held at the Kostanay higher polytechnic college on the theme «Traditions and customs of our people»

The aim of the curatorial hour is to familiarize students with Kazakh folk traditions, customs, rituals, and instill a sense of respect for the culture of the Kazakh people.

The curatorial hour consisted of several parts: the dance «Kara Jorga», the watching of video films, the presentation of the consecrated times of traditions and customs. The curatorial hour was very interesting; they represented the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, national games, national dishes, etc. The guests of the event did not remain without participation, they actively answered quiz questions.

 Students got acquainted with the history of the holiday and got a charge of positive emotions.

Information was prepared by teacher of foreign languages Omarova A.S.

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