The curatorial hour “Children – Work – Exploitation” (Traffic, various forms of exploitation of children)

In order to form competence in the political and legal sphere, socially active position and  critical thinking of students , the curatorial hour “Children-Work-Exploitation” was conducted in the college.

With the help of slide presentation, the first year students were introduced to the articles of the Labor Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the norms of working hours, the mode of work and rest, material liability of workers under the age of 18. One of the most important problems of our modern society, including the youth of our Republic and the world community, is the exploitation of child labor and human trafficking in a very informative and accessible form. At the end of the curatorial hour students were informed how not to become a victim of trafficking and exploitation, phone numbers of hot lines operating on the territory of our region and the republic were given.

In addition, our students were remained that there is also a “trust box” in the college

The information was prepared by teacher of physics A.Moldakhalikova

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