Successful organization development depends on quality management.

Internal auditors of the higher college Bazhirov Sh.R., Segizbayeva A.S., Ismagambetova A.K. and Taykova G.L. took part in a seminar organized by the KF RGP “Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification”. The seminar participants were introduced to the content of ISO 9004 standards “Quality management. Quality organization. Recommendations for achieving sustainable success. Lecturer G. Karimov explained the provisions, gave specific advice on the understanding of sections and the ability to apply in their activities to achieve sustainable success of the organization. Leadership role, responsibility and authority for the processes in the organization were disclosed in detail. The standard provides specific suggestions to internal auditors on the use of various forms and methods for working with the team to achieve sustainable success. At the end of the seminar, participants were presented with certificates.

Information prepared by A. Segizbayeva

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