Spiritual consent is the main achievement of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The formation of Independent Kazakhstan is inextricably linked with the celebration of the Day of Spiritual Consent, celebrated annually on October 18. In the holding of the First Congress of Spiritual Consent, held in October 1992 in Almaty, the role of the Head of State, the Leader of the Nation – N.A. Nazarbayev is invaluable. Participants of this congress – prominent religious and public figures proposed to approve October 18 as a day of seeking reconciliation, establishing mutual understanding between people and mercy.

On October 18, in honor of the Day of Spiritual Consent, a round table was held in Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College with the participation of representatives of the clergy, community organizations, and college students.

Speakers at the forum talked about the fact that all world religions passed through the Kazakh land, and we have never had fanaticism or intolerance. Multinational, multi-confessional people of Kazakhstan have always had a special tolerance, a special spirit of mutual respect and mutual support. Kazakhstan maintains close contacts with the centers of the world’s leading religions.

If you make a short historical digression, the first World Congress of Spiritual Harmony took place over a century ago, namely – in 1893 in the American city of Chicago. Only in a century, this noble initiative was fully realized in Kazakhstan. It should be noted that in 2010, in Astana, on the Day of Spiritual Harmony, the World Spiritual Culture Forum was opened, in which delegations from 70 countries took part. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the participants and guests of the forum with the words: “The basis of the spiritual culture of any people is the desire for peace, harmony and justice. Strengthening the spiritual principles inherent in the multinational Kazakhstan culture is an important part of the state policy. “

During the discussion by students and guests, it was noted that interreligious dialogue is one of the key ways of social development and improving the welfare of all peoples.

The purpose of such events is to preserve and strengthen interethnic and inter-confessional consent in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The information was prepared by the teacher of public disciplines Baygentov Baurzhan Bulatovich

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