Seminar-training “Prevention of HIV infection among youth”

On March 27, a training seminar on the topic: “Prevention of HIV infection among young people” for first-year students together with the specialists of the Kostanay Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control was held in the college.

The purpose of the training seminar was to increase the level of awareness and education of students on HIV and tuberculosis prevention, to form a humane attitude towards HIV-infected and AIDS patients, and to motivate them to independently seek further information that helps them maintain their health.

During the event, the specialist of the Center for AIDS Prevention and Control A.S. Karasatova told about the ways of transmission and methods of HIV prevention, dangerous and safe biological fluids in the human body, and also introduced students to interactive forms of HIV prevention work. Participants were shown a video entitled “The right solutions – everything you need to know about HIV.”

At the end of the training workshop, the exercises “Degree of risk” and “Brainstorm” were held, information and promotional materials were distributed.

The information was prepared by the teacher-psychologist Satybaldina R. A.

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