Seminar for curators and teachers

On 23 April 2018 in the college was held a seminar for curators and teachers of the college on the theme: “The role of the teacher in the prevention of suicidal behavior of a teenager”. The aim of the event was to assist teachers in preventing suicidal behavior of adolescents, choosing methods of working with students who are in a difficult life situation.

Specialist of the crisis center Moskalenko S.А. told about the types of suicidal behavior, the psychological characteristics of adolescents at risk of suicidal behavior, methods and methods of identifying and preventing the auto destructive behavior of students.

 U.I. Sonarbayeva in her speech stressed the attention of the seminar participants to the algorithm of teachers’ actions in the manifestation of suicidal behavior of adolescents. Dyusekeeva L.K., deputy director of the college on EW, spoke on the topic: “Organization of work on the prevention of adolescent suicide in the context of monitoring and analysis of social networks, sites of suicidal orientation.”

During the seminar, the teachers received practical advice, recommendations from psychologists, social workers, and participated in trainings.


Information was prepared by U.I. Sonarbayeva, the teacher of the CMC of philological disciplines

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