Round table with college graduates specializing in 1216000 “Elevator, flour-grinding, cereal and animal feed production” within the framework of the “Modernization of public consciousness” program

09/12/2019 – within the framework of the “Modernization of public consciousness” program and methodical week of the Department of technical disciplines, teachers of technical disciplines conducted a meeting of students of 3 and 4 courses in specialty 1216000 “Elevator, flour, cereal and animal feed production” with college graduates took place.

The purpose of the round table: The development of interest in the chosen profession through communication of future graduates with experienced specialists in the grain processing industry.

All guests are graduates of our college who have dedicated their work to the chosen profession. Among them were Elemisova Shnar Kanatovna – senior laboratory assistant of Pionner Luxs LLP, Dzuchkaeva Elizaveta Ivanovna – laboratory assistant of Pionner Luxs LLP., Yerseitov Gabit Serikovich – technical coordinator of FE SGS LTD Kazakhstan LLP, Rizhenko Ekaterina Terentyevna – teacher of special disciplines of our college (was awarded the title “Best Teacher of 2015”), Sagandykova Zhanargul Bisimbaevna – teacher of special disciplines.

Students listened with interest, asked questions and graduates with great pleasure talked about the importance of the profession. During the meeting, our graduates shared their rich experience with students, talked about their student life, about the difficulties that they had to face to become specialists. The employees of our enterprises told students about the prospects for the development of our specialty, about the requirements and competencies that the management of enterprises presents to young specialists. Our guests, by their example, informed students about the need for a conscientious attitude to study, to become competitive graduates in the labor market, to constantly increase their professional growth and to contribute to the development of the grain processing industry of our state.

Teachers of the Department of technical disciplines Sagandykova Zh.B., Rizhenko E.T., Akhmetova G.B., Izdevyueva S.S.

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