«Review competition of contest and songs»

On May 3, 2018 in Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College held a review competition of contest and songs among first-year students.

This event was dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the creation of the FARC and the 73rd anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War.

Students of 14 groups of 1 course took part in the event. The guests were invited: the head of the department of extra-military training of the Office for Defense Affairs of Kostanay city sergeant Bigatarov Almat Boranbaevich, the veteran of the Afghan war lieutenant colonel Kharchenko Anatoly Nicolaevich. They addressed the students and congratulated all those present on the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland and on the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory.

The evaluation of the performance of each of the 14 platoons included:

  • Passage of the solemn march;
  • Crossing with a song;
  • evaluation of appearance;
  • The best platoon commander

According to the results of the contest and the song, the prize places were distributed as follows:

The third place was taken by the group TZ-21, the second by the group M-5 and the first place was awarded to the group BP-11, in the nomination the best drill song was occupied by the group BP-12, in the nomination the best passage by the solemn march was taken by the group ES -9 and in the nomination the best commander of the platoon was a student of the group BP-11 Zhalmagambetova Darina.

The students showed excellent drill skills, teamwork, and exemplary appearance. By the quality of their March, building and song, they expressed respect for the memory of those who gave their lives for peace and happiness on Earth.


The article was prepared by: Fatkhudinov R.R. Nurkanov M.K.

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