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In the village of Zarechnoye, Kostanay district, a vocational guidance event was held, organized by the public foundation “Association of Psychologists of Kostanay Region” within the framework of the action “Choose the Future Today”. Pupils of the 9th grades of the Zarechny school-lyceum, Zatobolsk school of the gymnasium and Zarechnoy school with the state language of instruction met with the students of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College to learn about the specialties and get acquainted with future professions. The career-oriented meeting began with a musical performance by a college student, a graduate of the Zarechny secondary school, Ahriman Shotarbayev with the song “Алға, Қазақстан”. Students of the Miras dance group continued the concert program!

Our students can not only sing and dance, but also create with their own hands, as the event participants were convinced. In the assembly hall, schoolchildren passed through equipped zones of specialties that can be studied at KPHC. These are directions of electric power industry, mechanical engineering, bakery, confectionery, elevator and flour milling. The pupils, under the guidance of the students of the DZ Magzumova Dana and Madinali Madina group of students, determined the contamination and glassiness of the grain, as well as the moisture content of the flour by express method. Olga Broza, the teacher, was introduced to the nuances of decorating confectionery products and invited interested students to take part in the process, which they did with great pleasure. Each of those present could take with them a confection or bakery, which colorfully independently designed.

Our guests watched with great interest videos about the activities of the college, about employment, about the achievements of students. All participants received promotional brochures about college specialties.

Prepared by Segizbaeva A.S.

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