Pages of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“Independence is the great unity of our people,

its unique history, culture, state language,

respect for the ethnic languages ​​of all Kazakhstan people “

N.A. Nazarbayev


Within the framework of realization of the program “Рухани жанғыру ” on December 12, the college held a round table devoted to the significant events of our state: the 26th anniversary of Independence, the 20th anniversary of the capital – Astana.

Deputy director Dyusekeeva LK, the methodologist of the college Urazova L.I., the teachers, the students of the groups TЗ-18, TЗ-21, M-3, the leaders of the Committee on Youth Affairs took part in the work of the round table.

Teachers of public disciplines Ovchinnikova F.B., Kuznetsova L.F., Baygentov B.B. with a great sense of patriotism told about the role of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev in the formation of independent Kazakhstan. The students noted in their speeches that the current generation has a special historical responsibility to preserve and strengthen Independence. For 26 years, having made an incredible breakthrough in historical development, Kazakhstan people are working together to create a strong, dynamic, modern state under the leadership of the Nation Leader N.A. Nazarbayev. All 26 years of existence of our state special attention is given to youth. The goals and objectives of the state youth policy, directions and priorities in working with young people are defined. The programs “Employment road map”, “Affordable housing”, “With a diploma in the village” and others are aimed at creating conditions for self-determination and realization of the needs and abilities of youth, professional growth. Conditions for intellectual and creative activity are created. Kazakhstan projects in the field of education allow young people to acquire knowledge and initial experience at the level of world standards.

State programs ” Нурлы Жол “, “Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps to the Society of General Labor”, ” Мәңгілік Ел “, “Nation’s Plan” 100 Steps to Implement Five Institutional Programs “,” Kazakhstan – 2050 “and others, initiated by our President, determine the main vectors of development of our fatherland, the realization of which ensures the progressive development and a stable authority on the world arena.

“The main goal of the country’s development is the construction of an independent, prosperous, politically stable state. It will be built by us, proceeding from our desires and our will to success. ” Stability, tolerance, efficiency and desire to be useful to their state are the main criteria for success.

Information was prepared by the teacher of history Ovchinnikova F.B.

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