Nauryz is the holiday of birth of spring

On the eve of Nauryz holiday, Kostanay polytechnic higher college hosted an intellectual contest «Қош келдің,  Наурыз!». The competition was attended by first-year students. The purpose of the competition: development of intellectual, creative activity and educational interests of students; promotion of interest in languages; development of mental abilities, speech skills in the state language. The competition consisted of five rounds: «Таныстыру», «Бәйге», «Құпия сандық»,  «Қиял әлемінде», «Жорға».

 In the first round each team had to present its name, emblem and motto. The next round consisted of questions on the Kazakh language, where students showed good knowledge. Tasks on proverbs and guessing riddles in the Kazakh language were interesting for the participants of the game. With the fans of the teams, between the competitive tasks of the players, the game was held. 

Following the contest first place went to the group of TП-18, second place went to the group Э-9, third place – group ЭС-9. Active participants of the event were treated with letters of thanks.

Information prepared by the teachers of Kazakh language and literature: Beisenova Kh. B. and S. R. Bagirova

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