Mister and Miss College – 2018

On the eve of the celebration of the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, as well as in the framework of the «Spiritual renewal» program, the most long-awaited spring event took place in the college – the contest «Mister and Miss College -2018», in which the most beautiful, charming and attractive couples of our college participated.

The aim of the event was the formation of friendly relationships between students, the development of tolerant attitude towards people, the creation of favorable conditions for identifying and developing the creative abilities of young people.

The organizer of this event was the primary trade union organization of college students.

Six pairs fought for the title «Mister and Miss College-2018». Contestants began with a self-presentation, revealing the participants in the context of the theme: «I and my world: yesterday, today, tomorrow». Also, the participants demonstrated the clothes sewn by their own hands. One of the brightest stages of the event was a creative contest, which participants prepared in advance. The contestants demonstrated not only the ability to move, to stay in the public, but also intellectual abilities, style and taste.

The event was colorful, creative and unforgettable. The students were pleased with the new interesting rooms. All the participants performed with dignity on the stage, and their grace and refinement remained to be envied, but this is a competition, and the jury members nevertheless determined the winners and distributed the nominations.

As a result of the competition, the title of vice-mister-miss of the college was awarded to Gorbachev Nikita and Volf Yana, the title of mister-miss of the college was awarded to Algozhin Islan and Ismagulova Raushangul.

We wish our participants not to lose enthusiasm, to go through life with a high head and a graceful gait, as on the podium of our own college!

Chairperson of primary trade union organization  students of KHPC Karkinbaeva Gaukhar Altaevna

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