Meeting of students with the winner of the project “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan”

On March 28, Kairat Maishev, one of the winners of the project “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” – a member of the “Nur Otan” party, a deputy of the Kostanay maslikhat, a holder of letters, medals and letters of thanks, an entrepreneur, director of the poultry farm, which is included in the top three in the country, shared his success story with students in the regional library named after L.Tolstoy,

Today, as the winner of the project, Maishev increasingly meets with young people. Talking about his life, Kairat Maishev emphasized that the secret of success for each person is different, it does not happen without difficulties, sometimes it is necessary to fall, but if there is a goal, then the next day luck will turn.

The information was prepared by the teacher-psychologist Satybaldina R.A.

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