Law and Teenager

February 7, 2010 in the college was held a curatorial hour on the theme: “Law and children.”

The purpose of this event was the formation of knowledge about the rules that regulate the life of society, the education of a sense of responsibility for their actions, respect for the law. Students, teachers, psychologists of the college, the inspector of the college Onkaeva RB took part in this event.

The students got acquainted with the main articles of the Administrative and Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The students were explained from what years the criminal responsibility comes, what offenses are more often committed by adolescents and what penalties are imposed for the commission of an offense and crimes. Students were advised and advised how not to become a victim of a crime or not to be involved in its commission.

Participants of the event took an active part in the work of the dialogue platform “Question-answer”: they asked questions on the prevention of violations, analyzed the situations from everyday life.

Information prepared by Tankievа Zinaida Beksultanovna, social teacher of the college

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