The visit of the international partner of Holding “Kasіpkor” Snowdon Reid (Dudley College, UK)

In September 28-29, international partner NAO “Kasіpқor” Snowdon Reid visited with a working visit Kostanay Polytechnic College. The purpose of his visit was the consultation of new educational programs with teachers-developers. At the two-day meeting teachers and social partners of college discussed their concerns regarding the development of educational programs on specialties “Standardization, Metrology and Certification”, “Power supply”, and their compliance with international standards.

After the seminar we were able to speak to a guest in an informal atmosphere. Mr Snowdon Reid spoke about his 20 years of work at the British consulate. In our conversation Snowdon Reid noted that this is his first visit to Kazakhstan, and he is delighted with the cleanliness of the streets of our country.

It was interesting to talk with him in formal and in informal surroundings, and, it worth to note that all teachers, including students, were impressed by the literacy and an open mind of Mr. Reid.

Following the visit, it became clear that a lot of things done, but more changes ahead, and teachers were once again convinced that designed program can and should be incarnate.


Information prepared by International Programm Specialist Omarova A.S

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