Getting to know the history of our native land….

The main goal of spiritual and moral education is the orientation of the younger generation on the value of national culture, careful attitude to the Motherland фтв its historical past.

The museum with its diverse history is a good assistant in the formation of civil-patriotic education of youth.

On November 7, 2017 –  students of the first year group ТП-17 visited two museums of our city: the Regional Museum of Local History and the Museum ofb Ybyrai Altynsarin.

There was a very interesting and informative excursion through the halls of the museumfor students. Future programmers looked at the exhibits with great interest, asked questions to the guide. The hall depicted the events of the Great Patriotic War seemed the most impressive for students. Some students found the names of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers in the Memory Book and proudly showed all the other kids.

The excursion to the museum of Y. Altynsarin was interesting and informative as well. . I would like to especially note the guide Dosmaganbetova Shynar Sultanovna. From the first minutes, involving the children in the world of the historical past of the education of our region, it managed to awaken, I think, the best strings of the children’s soul, that even the noisy fell silent listening with interest to every word of it.

The guys were delighted with visiting the museums, received a great emotional charge, after learning about the rich history of their native land. The students admitted that they did not even expect that the tour of the museums would be so interesting and informative. After visiting the museums, student Gazizov Rustam wrote poetry:

Бардық бізде мұражайдың төріне

Бардық бізде Ыбырайдың еліне

Ыбырайдың заттарын көріп киелі

Келдік бізде шабыттанып жирене

The information was prepared by curator of TP-17 group  Moldahalikova A.V.

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