Curatorial hour “How to just LIVE your life”

As part of a series of open curatorial hours, I.P. Rantseva held a curatorial hour   “How to just LIVE your life ” in the group 2M-8 of the MT department, on February 10.

Its goal was to reveal the meaning and versatility of the concept “Life”; to teach students to perceive life difficulties, accompanied by various emotions and experiences; to guide them towards the positive aspects of life.

During the event, the students demonstrated their knowledge of the English language, before the conversation, two students were given the task [Viskup A. and Makhatov A.] to translate Mother Teresa’s poem Life and read it.

Students of group 2M-8 were quite active in the course of a problematic conversation, discussed the meaning of the parable “Footprint on the Earth”, life situations, showing the connection with the modern situation in society. During the creative work “Scales of Life”, discussing and comparing two life positions such life positions “Live for yourself ”and“ Living for others ”, student concluded that it is better to live according to the balance – both for yourself and for others. And adhere to a compromise with people. You can’t please everyone, love everyone, it’s hard to be loyal friends, because people have different upbringing, intellect, desire to learn, needs, character, temperament, etc. But you can live in harmony with each other, appreciate, accept them as they are.

The video “Just Live”, the project of I. Krutoy, was demonstrated. And the lesson ended with the memo “Twelve Ways to Enjoy Life.”

Students came to the conclusion that Life is the most precious thing we have. Therefore, it is important to appreciate every moment of life and, most importantly, to be grateful and appreciate close ones.



I.P. Rantseva

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