College Open Day

Open Day was conducted for school students in the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College. Guests of the college watched a concert organized by college students. College volunteers guided students along career paths. Under the guidance of teachers and students, schoolchildren tried on the role of an accountant, chef, baker. During the presentation of college professions school students received skills necessary for modern person.

In the accounting classroom, students were able to truly feel like entrepreneurs, auditors, accountants.

During practical tasks, students independently determined the quality indicators of dairy products, determined the moisture content of the grain.

Schoolchildren showed particular interest in laboratories specializing in Engineering Technology, tried themselves as welders, they also worked with lifting equipment in the automotive training laboratory.

During the master classes students showed their skills. During the master classes in programming, boys and girls worked on creating a 1C: Enterprise configuration, video editing.

Acquaintances with professions helped many students to make an informed choice of profession!

Information prepared by Segizbaeva A.S.

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