An Hour of Law “Live according to the law, act in accordance with conscience”

In order to form a socially active citizen, develop skills to critically evaluation, relying on knowledge of the laws and morality, the college held an hour of law  “Live by law, act in accordance with conscience.” Esspecially for the event, students conducted a video survey “What does the phrase ” to live by the law and act in accordance with conscience” mean?” Different opinions were expressed, which were then demonstrated  during this event. During the legal hour, various situations were considered from the point of view of morality and law.

Teacher of social and humanitarian subjects Baygentov B.B. commented on all the situations from the point of view of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Much attention was paid to questions about administrative violations, administrative liability and punishment. Conducting the legal hour gave students the opportunity to navigate in matters of legal culture, lawful behavior.

A person can always make a choice. The choice, directed for the benefit of another – this is the “moral choice”.

 The information was prepared by the teacher Moldahalikova A.V.

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