A Woman – muse and inspirer!

03/04/2020 – On the eve of International Women’s Day, an open curatorial hour was held at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College on the topic “A Woman – Muse and Inspirer!”

The purpose of this event was to foster respect for girls and women. During the curatorial hour, students of the М-8, М-5, М-6, СТ-4, ТЗ-22 and ЭБ-15 groups learned the history of the International Women’s Day, met great women activists for women’s rights. Students participated in the quiz “Woman is a muse and inspirer!” The exercise “Make a compliment” was conducted, the college guys learned to make the right compliments to the beautiful half of humanity.

We congratulate all girls and women on International Women’s Day and wish them a bright mood, health, youth, love and family well-being!

Information prepared by Muslimova Zh.M., teacher of foreign languages

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