A healthy family lifestyle is the key to the health of a teenager

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, on February 26, 2021, an online meeting with parents on the topic “Healthy lifestyle of a family is the guarantee of a teen’s health” was held at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College as part of the work of the family club “We are Together”.

The purpose of the event was to inform parents about a healthy lifestyle, the formation of health-preserving behavior in students.

During the lecture, the medical worker of the college Muldagalieva A.R. told parents that bringing up a healthy lifestyle for children is one of the most basic tasks that they have today. The college is also involved in its formation, but the decisive role belongs primarily to the family. Now life poses a new task – to form students’ conviction of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the event, the parents were given recommendations for maintaining a healthy climate in the family circle.



The information was prepared by A.R. Muldagalieva, a medical worker of the college.

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