The light that you lit for a hundred years has been burning over the steppe …

      In honor of the 180th anniversary of the birth of Ibrai Altynsarin, the college library prepared a book exhibition and held an event. Altynsarin went down in the history of Kazakhstan as an outstanding educator, teacher, poet, public figure. Altynsarin devoted his whole life to enlightening his native people.

      The significance of Altynsarin’s work in the history of Kazakh literature is enormous. He was one of those who introduced the Kazakh steppe to the world of high cultural values.

      Altynsarin’s activity is of great interest from the point of view of the development of social thought and its place in the history of public education and Kazakh literature. We pay tribute to Altynsarin for his outstanding services as the first people’s teacher, the first organizer of public schools in Kazakhstan and the first theoretical teacher who came from the Kazakh people.


The information was prepared by the head. library Terentyev N.N.

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