“Sniper’s Edge.”

On February 03, 2024 on the basis of the Training and Methodological Center of NViTP was held an open championship on shooting from air rifle among military-patriotic clubs of Kostanay region, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

This event was attended by 20 military-patriotic clubs, including students of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College from the military-industrial complex “Zhas Sarbaz”. According to the regulations, the team composition was involved 4 people (boys 14-17 years old), 2 people (girls 14-17 years old). These are students of groups PO-6, PO-7, KP-21, B-4, ES-21, ES-19.

The goals of the event were: the education of Kazakhstani patriotism, the preparation of young men for service in the All-Union Military Reserve Committee, the development of military-applied sports, review of the work of military-patriotic and military-sports clubs of Kostanay region.

The boys competed in air rifle shooting. The initial shooting position for boys and girls is sitting down with a hand rest.

According to the results of the competition the team of the military-industrial complex “Zhas Sarbaz” was awarded a diploma for participation.

Information was prepared by: Fathudinov R.R.

                                                                                Nurkanov M.K..

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