“Tolerance is the road to peace!”

As part of the decade of tolerance, on November 10, a curatorial hour “Tolerance is the road to peace!” was held in a distance format using the ZOOM platform.
The purpose of this event was to educate the principles of tolerance in the youth environment, to develop students’ conscious choice of tolerance as the main principle of the coexistence in society, to respect different ethnic, religious of people, their right to other views and beliefs.
During the curatorial hour, students made up the emblem of tolerance, tried to find a solutions to different problem situations. Students realized that mutual understanding and working in unity are the main ingredients of the team.
People all over the Earth want to live in peace, friendship, understanding, so that the bright sun always shines for everyone, so that their beloved family is always nearby.



The information was prepared by the curator of the ЭБ-15 group Kontrobaeva Zh.D.

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