Results of the contest «Revived pages of college history»

We entered the 21st century,

And, he burst into college too,

Leave the memory of a man,

In the history of the museum can.


On April 19 in the museum of the history of the college was the final stage of the research contest “Revived pages”, dedicated to the 47th anniversary of the Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College.

The contest was aimed at expanding knowledge on the history of the college, developing skills and skills in research and design activities.

The students presented their research projects in the following areas:

“The college lights the stars”, in which they got acquainted with the college graduates, their memories of the days of study, various events from the student life;

“The business is taught by the master” – where, visited the teachers – veterans of labor who presented the museum with the history of the college with originals of award cards, old photographs, etc.

Experienced experts in the person of U.I. Sonarbayeva. – teacher of Russian language and literature, Ovchinnikova FB – history teacher, Matvienko Yu.V. – head of the museum of history of the college, carefully read the submitted works, evaluated them according to the criteria, identified the finalists.

According to the results of the competition, the first place was taken by the student of the TG-21 group Wintergoller Diana, the second place was rightfully awarded to the student of the group EA-12 Tulegenova Anel, the third place was awarded to the student of the EB-13 group Selkova Dinara.

The works, of course, do not pretend to be the great discoveries, but each such project is an opening for the adolescent himself, an important step in the path of self-knowledge and personal development, understanding of history and the inexhaustibility of everything.

The article was prepared by Matvienko Yu.V.

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