Professional development of teachers in the field of management systems

According to the Policy in the field of quality, Administration of the college in the face of Director Dochshanova A. I. ensures effective functioning of the educational activities and processes based on the decisions taken on the implementation of the quality management system. To improve the efficiency of the quality management system, the college creates conditions for the staff to improve the quality of their work in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. One of these conditions is professional development, participation in seminars, conferences, round tables, internships in enterprises.

April 4 teachers of college participated in a regional training seminar “Implementation of the management system at the enterprise”, by lecturer Professor of PhD, international expert-consultant, director of JSC “Weidinger &Partner” Ziegfried Peter Ladnorg. The seminar was organized by RSE “KazInST” of Committee of technical regulation and Metrology of the Ministry for investment and development of the Republic at the site of LLP “Saryarka Avtoprom”. With a salutatory word to participants addressed Hworik Raisa Vladimirovna – deputy head of PI “Department of entrepreneurship and industrial-innovative development of akimat of Kostanay region”, Sharipov Bolat Machctaevich director of CF RSE ” KazInST “.

Professor Ziegfried Peter Ladnorg, in his address to the audience expressed the wish that the performance of the seminar was high, it is necessary in the course of the discussions to find together the solutions of problems. He is ready to share the experience and I am sure that the seminar will give more knowledge in the field of quality management system.

Ziegfried Peter Ladnorg in an accessible informative way to bringing practical situations and the use of presentations conducted a seminar. The Professor in the lecture quality management, focused listeners’ attention on the ultimate goal is consumer satisfaction (the client). The head of the organization needs to build the control system so that each employee identify themselves with the result of their activities. Appreciating the efforts of their employees, motivating them, improving their skills, benchmarking with other organizations (companies), including in the process of work of all employees, solving problems, manage risk and avoid or reduce the percentage of nonconformities (defects), thereby ensuring the quality of services (products). Professor more details introduced in the lecture with the objectives of quality, methods of quality control, focused on the need of partnership development. The international experience of operating management systems in various industries was given. Professor Ziegfried Peter Ladnorg briefed the audience with the content of the ISO 31000 risk Management, and, namely, with the structure and process of risk management, monitoring and controlling risks.

College professors, taking part in the seminar received the full information and increased the competence of the management system, quality management in the enterprise. In our work, we will be able to apply this knowledge, thereby improving the quality of the educational process that will provide in turn a training of competitive specialists in high demand labor market.

After the seminar, Professor Ziegfried Peter Ladnorg presented certificates to teachers: Braginets A. P., Ibraeva S. J., Nuzhin V. A., Segizbaeva A. S., Cherkasov I. B.

Information prepared by the head of QMS department A. Segizbayeva

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