It is possible to achieve success in High Polytechnic College!

The fact that it is possible to achieve success not only in studies, but also in public, sports, scientific-project, cultural activities, as students of the High Polytechnic College, was learned by pupils of secondary schools in Zarechnoye and No. 115. At the meeting with the graduates of the 9th grades students Ostapenko Nikita and Shotorbaev Ahriman told that they were helped to open their abilities and talents in college. Ahriman, being a former graduate of Zarechnaya secondary school, showed by his example what it means to be a college student! Nikita and Ahriman are taking an active part in choreographic and vocal events, while getting A and B grades! 

Teachers Ibatova Aigul and Zhursinalina Gulsum provided information on prospective students about prospective specialties, which are being prepared in college and answered questions about employment, about the availability of groups in the college, what the passing score was, and also invited to visit our college.

How useful and competitive today in the labor market are the professions of a technologist, electrician, mechanic, the pupil of secondary school No. 115 was told by the teacher of special disciplines Utemisova Rosa. On the relevance and prospects of the ongoing activities of the college with foreign educational centers in the framework of international cooperation, the teacher Akhmetzhanova Dinara shared with the children.


Information was prepared by A.Segizbaeva

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