Teacher of the new formation

Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A Nazarbayev in the Strategy “Kazakhstan -2050” called knowledge and skills, training and retraining of teachers of the new formation as the key objectives of education.

One of the main factors of the successful creation of a new educational model and infrastructure of technical and professional education in Kazakhstan is the adequacy of the human resources capacity of domestic institutions regarding the country’s growing economy and international requirements.

According to the nation’s plan “100 precise steps”, in the State Program for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019 years special attention is given to advanced training of teaching stuff as one of the priorities aimed at strengthening the prestige of the profession and improving the quality of technical and professional education

Nowadays, technical and professional education system requires teachers of the new formation – flexible, mobile, independent teachers, who possess cross-sectoral professional and pedagogical knowledge, abilities, skills and competences

In accordance with the new paradigm of teacher education, a professional of the new formation must not only master its subject perfectly, but also see the location of each participant in the pedagogical process, to be able to organize the activities of the students, to anticipate the results, and to correct any deviations. The priority in the modernization of technical and vocational education of Kazakhstan is the professional development of teachers in the field of innovation, and this is the formation of the personality of the teacher, ready for a successful career, updating professional knowledge, able to design a professional and personal growth.

For this purpose the Non-commercial Joint Stock Company “Holding “Kasipkor”held a two-week training courses for engineering-teaching staff and managers of technical and vocational education institutions called “Teacher of the new formation of technical and professional education system” in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

An innovative model of training courses of teachers and masters of industrial training of technical and professional education system proposed by the “Holding” Kәsipқor “is designed to ensure the unity, integrity and continuity of training of teachers in accordance with the requirements of the modern times.

The conceptual basis for a new model of training of teachers in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the paradigm of education, adopted by the international educational community “training throughout life”, which focuses on the cultivation of teachers and professional fulfillment.

Improving the training system is impossible without studying and introduction of international experience. In this case, Germany, England, Finland, Australia and other developed countries, where the modernization of training systems is one of the priority directions of the state policy and ensures the growth of creative, versatile personality specialist, are of considerable interest,

The new format of the training system of engineering and pedagogical staff of technical and professional institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, established by the Holding “Kәsіpkor” sets the following aim, objective and expected results:

Aim: to prepare highly qualified engineering pedagogical personnel of the new formation, broadcasting of the domestic and foreign experience.

Objective: to developprofessional mobility of engineering and teaching staff through uninterrupted connection between teaching practice and production

Expected results:

– Highly skilled engineering and teaching staff of the system of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– The adequacy of the professional level of engineering and pedagogical personnel regarding the developing economy of the country and the labor market requirements.

Network system of training courses designed by the Holding in the form of training freelance trainers among experienced teachers firstly and then training teachers locally is a well-thought-out idea.

Training of 2600 engineering and pedagogical specialists of the republic is planned by the “Holding “Kasipkor”. Training courses in a seminar format were organized on the basis of Kostanay polytechnic college. Kostanay polytechnic college is the partner of the “Holding “Kasipkor” in the part of “spot training” of highly qualified specialists.

Courses were taught by competent trainers among the administration and teachers of special subjects that have passed training courses in international educational centers of France, Belarus and “Holding “Kәsіpқor”.

Content of the training courses was aimed at the understanding by teachers their own role in the realization of state policy in the field of technical and professional education.

In this regard, teachers and masters of industrial education learned main regulations, determinating the activity of technical and professional education, updated structure of national system of qualifications, information and communication technologies, classification means of information and communication technologies, psychological and pedagogical bases of vocational education, modern teaching strategies and new technologies in teaching and learning.

During the courses, participants worked out practical skills on the updating the content of educational plans and programs on the basis of 45 programs of the new generation, developed by the Holding and its foreign partners. The program of training courses included compilation of educational and methodological support, translation of the educational process on the dual education, the use of modern educational technologies, including credit.

Courses’ participants have defined specificity and advantage of programs of the new generation, the main feature of which is the flexibility and the ability to integrate with standard training programs, as well as the organization of the dual system of training and short-term training

Teachers and masters of industrial education performed practical tasks on making up a working plans, perspective-themed lesson plans, which are an integral part of the educational complex for modules.

Methodological box of trainees gained by knowledges about modern teaching strategies, new technologies and approaches to teaching and learning, information about the implementation of the dual training system, modular training, credit-modular technology.

In the end of the courses participants showed their projects.

240 participant from 42 colleges of the region got certificates of teachers of the new formation. 6 best colleges’ teachers of Kostanay region among participants will undergo further education in the “Holding “Kasipkor” and will be able to teach their colleagues in future.

After the courses certified teachers and managers will update modular programs according to the levels of training, and prepare documentation for the introduction of new educational programs in our region’s colleges beginning with September, 2016 .

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