Discussion of the Address “New opportunities for development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution”

Teaching staff gathered together to discuss the annual Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev “New opportunities for development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution”

Every year the Head of State speaks with the Address to the people of Kazakhstan. Summing up the results of a certain period, he sets new tasks that allow achieving all the goals for the development of Kazakhstan.

The discussion began with a speech of the chairman of the Youth Affairs committee Bekov D.S., who spoke about the importance of the President’s Address in the life of the society at the current stage of development and noted that by consolidating the achievements of Independence, Kazakhstan intends to confidently move towards the goal of entering top-30 developed countries in the third decade of the 21st century.

The teacher of physics Braginets A.P supported the tasks of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and emphasized the role of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev in preserving peace, stability and interethnic accord in the country, the high international authority of Kazakhstan, effective development of the economy of the republic.

The teacher of history Kuznetsova L.F stressed that in the Address the President outlined the further vector of the development of the state. In an era when global technologies unite the world, our country must move in step with the times. Each of the tasks reflects modern realities. The country has a historic chance to achieve high goals. Automation of production. The 7th point – human capital, covers not only the education and health of the country, it is a continuation of the Program article “The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience“”. The Address clearly indicates the contours of the education system, which will encompass citizens of all ages – from kindergarten to doctoral studies. The ideal of our society should be a Kazakh who knows the history, languages, culture.

During the event, the chairman of the CMC of information and economic disciplines, Kusainova D. B, spoke in detail about the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”, and noted that today the state takes all measures to ensure that our students receive education that is competitive in the world market. New interesting ideas on information and communication technologies are being developed and implemented. All this creates a favorable climate for digitalization of the basic branches of the economy.

The collective of KPHC unanimously supported the tasks put forward in the new Address of the President of the country, which gives clear directions for further work for the development of the state and each citizen in particular, which will allow not only to maintain their positions, but also to move to a new more developed and successful level.

The article was prepared by the teacher of history Kuznetsova L.F.

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