Institutional Accreditation and

program accreditation of educational programs of the college in accordance with international standards for accreditation of organizations of technical, vocational and post-secondary education

The procedure for institutional accreditation of the college and program accreditation of educational programs is carried out in the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College from May 16 to May 20 of this year in the following specialties:

1) 06130100 Software (by types)* (4S06130103 Software developer);

2)Computer Engineering and Information Networks (by type) (5AB06120101 Applied Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Information Networks);

3) 07880100 Standardization, metrology and certification (4S07880101 Standardization Technician);

4) 07130700 Maintenance, repair and operation of electromechanical equipment (by type and industry) (3W07130701 Electrical equipment installer, 4S07130704 Electromechanical technician);

5) 07130200 Power supply (by industry) (4S07130202 Electrical Technician);

6) 04110100 Accounting and audit (3W04110101 Accountant-cashier, 4S04110102 Accountant);

7) 07210300 Bakery, pasta and confectionery production (3W07210303 Baker, 4S07210305 Technologist);

8) 07211200 Elevator, flour-grinding, cereal and feed production (3W07211201 Operator of elevator, flour-grinding, cereal and feed production, 4S07211202 Mechanical Technician, 4S07211203 Technologist).

During the external audit the external expert group of the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) conducts the procedure for the recognition by the accreditation body of the compliance of educational services with the established academic/professional accreditation standards and maintains the internal quality assurance system.


The material was prepared by Kaipbayeva Zh.Sh., Deputy Director for EMW


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