Competition “My family is my fortress”, dedicated to the International Family Day

It has become a good tradition to annually hold the event “My family is my fortress” at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College, dedicated to the International Day of the Family, where family values, folk traditions are being promoted and the social institution of the family is being strengthened.

Four families took part in the competition: the Gayvorovsky family, the Zaripov family, the Kryzhanovsky family, and the Dmitrienko family.

The competition program consisted of five stages:

Stage 1 – “Business card of the family”,

Stage 2 – “Dream House” (the family had to draw their cozy house and fill it with all the family qualities that the family has)

Stage 3 – “Do I know about my family?”

Stage 4 – “Guess whose hands” (family members had to guess their child)

Stage 5 – “Mirror” (it was necessary to show the emotions of their parents and children).

In their presentations, parents together with their children shared exactly what brings all relatives together, makes them a family. For example, the Dmitrienko family loves outdoor activities, fishing, traveling, any trip brings a lot of positive to each family member and strengthens their relationship. In their speech, the Gayvorovsky family noted: “Everything in our family is based on love for each other. This is our strength.” A joint meeting of important events in life, respect for both elders and younger ones, honesty, responsibility – these are the values ​​that unite the Zaripov family. The Kryzhanovsky family shared the traditions, values, entertainment of their family, the main motto of which is “Never lose heart, live together, help each other.”

Further, friendly teams demonstrated their creative abilities, parents and children talked about their family traditions, values ​​and basic qualities laid down in the foundation of their family. And in conclusion, the parents told and showed about their feelings and emotions to each other.

As a result of the competition, all families were awarded certificates and incentive prizes. Such events help to strengthen parent-child relationships, family values, create an atmosphere of joy, goodwill, popularize the best experience in family education.

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