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Within the framework of the presentation decade of the Department of Technical disciplines, a demonstrational lesson on the topic “Drawing up a scheme for the production of compound feed for the development of a specific recipe” was held by the teacher of special disciplines Rizhenko Ekaterina Terentyevna with the 4th year students of the ТЗ-22 group.

From the very beginning of the lesson, students were actively involved in group work, discussing the proposed tasks, arguing for the choice of actions to solve the tasks set by the teacher and achieve the set goal.

The development of projects allowed the students, in the course of group work, to summarize the existing knowledge, apply it in a new situation, and promptly respond to the solution of the problem. It should be noted that the students approached the work creatively, showing non-standard thinking when developing a sequence of technological processes for cleaning, grinding, dosing and mixing the components of compound feed. The speeches of the speakers of the groups and the additions of the team members allowed all those present to assess the level of students’ professional readiness for labor activity according to the chosen qualifications.

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Shcherbakova I.A.

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