“Today, the profession of a firefighter is courageous and heroic.”

It has already become a good tradition in our college to сonduct educational excursions for the 1st-year students. In this regard, on November 04, 2021, an excursion to the specialized fire department No. 1 of Kostanay city was organized for students of groups ЭС-20, ПO-2, M-9.

The tour of the fire station undoubtedly aroused the interest of the students. First of all, boys, of course, were interested in fire trucks. The squad commander, Sergeant Nauryzbayev Zhandos Zhanbyrbayevich and foreman Dembayev Azamat Galimbekovich, showed the guys the depot’s communication point, sleeping quarters, classroom, dining room, gym, equipment. They told about firefighting equipment, and showed students how the machines are equipped, what is the function of each object from the numerous fire-technical weapons.

The head of the museum Magumov Zhambyl Minanovich, told about the Museum of Civil Defense, showed the armament of a firefighter.

The students were happy with the excursion, took a lot of photos, expressed gratitude to the firefighters who were able to convey information about the necessity and importance of their profession to the children in such an interesting and accessible way.


The article was prepared: Nurkanov M.K.

Fatkhudinov R.R

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