“Religious extremism is a threat to peace and stability”

In the modern world, one of the problems of the globalization of humanity is the fight against extremism. Religious extremism is a socially dangerous phenomenon that arises as a result of the most extreme irrational views and actions, such as religious superiority, religious discord, hatred, and the politicization of religion. The work on the prevention of religious extremism among young people should be primarily linked to the education of the younger generation. Because today’s young generation will become the older generation, which will build the future of the country tomorrow.

In order to prevent religious extremism, in the TP-29 group was held a lecture on the topic: “Religious extremism is a threat to peace and stability”. The main purpose of the lecture is to prevent religious terrorism, explain its consequences, teach to beware of threatening trends, and foster patriotism among teenagers. Explanation of religious beliefs with specific examples from life about faith and their benefits, harm. Expanding the horizons and worldview associated with world religions and various trends.


The information was prepared by:   history teacher Akhmetzhanova D. K.

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