Gathering of military-patriotic clubs “Young warrior”

From September 21 to 23, 2021, the regional meeting of military-patriotic clubs “Zhas Asker” was held in an online format.

The purpose of this meeting was to develop new forms of military-patriotic education related to digital technologies that will be in demand among young people, as well as the formation of high patriotic feelings and moral qualities of a citizen of the country in the younger generation.

19 military-patriotic clubs took part in the rally, including students of the military-industrial complex “Young Soldier” of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College.

The team consisted of 9 lads, students from M-9, ХП-19, ЭС-17, ТП-27, ЭМ-7.

The program of the rally included:

Day 1 –  presentation of teams, a competition for pulling up on the crossbar

Day 2 – incomplete disassembly and assembly of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, putting on a gas mask and a combined-arms protective kit in the form of a raincoat

 Day  3  – creative competition ” Young warrior’s voice”.

According to the results of the rally, the team of the military-industrial complex ” Young Soldier ” took the 8th place.

The article was prepared: Fatkhudinov R. R

Nurkanov M. K.

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