“Field training camps in 2021»

Every year, in early May and until mid-June, 1st-year students take part in field training camps. The training camps were held on the basis of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College on the territory of the sports town.

Five-day field training is reasonably considered the most difficult form of practical training in the system of basic military and technological training.

The need to introduce young men to the basics of field training, to instill in them the most important element of the future soldier’s military skills-practical skills in actions on the battlefield-determines the educational tasks of the five-day field classes. This work includes organizational and methodological aspects, as well as material and technical support and, finally, ensuring the safety of students in the classroom.

The training and field training sessions were organized and conducted by the teachers of military training Nurkanov M. K., Fatkhudinov R. R. The classes with the girls were conducted by the medical worker Muldagalieva A. R.

In preparation for the UPC, the order of the director was issued, the schedule of the event was developed, and the educational and material base was prepared, according to the thematic plan.

The training and field training sessions were organized, the lesson plan was fully implemented, and there were no disruptions to the program.

The students completed a course of drill training, general physical training, acquired skills in handling weapons, passed the standards for shooting from an air rifle, throwing grenades, dressing gas masks and combined arms protective suits.

The girls honed their skills in providing first-aid emergency care for injuries, bruises, fractures, and bleeding.

The quarantine conditions have seriously changed the order of training and field training camps.

Despite the pandemic that has arisen in the country, our students continue their military training, improve their field training, form mental stability, self- discipline, physical perfection, while maintaining all the requirements of quarantine.


The article was prepared by: Fatkhudinov R. R .

 Nurkanov M. K.

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