Religious extremism and terrorism is a threat to peace and stability.

The negative phenomena that threaten the international community and humanity as a whole are international terrorism, separatism, extremism, including religious extremism. Religious extremism is a stage that contributes to the emergence and development of religious terrorism. It plays the role of a decisive stepping stone on the path to achieving religious terrorist goals. Recently, extremists have been trying to exacerbate the Islamic religion, to conflict with other civilizations, instilling in it peacefulness, restraint and understanding of other religious views, thereby destroying not only interreligious harmony, but also muslim one.

In this regard, a lecture was held in the ЭС-17 group on the topic: “Religious extremism, terrorism is a threat to peace and stability.”

The purpose of the lecture: prevention and ways of combating terrorism and religious extremism, a comprehensive analysis of the consequences inflicted on our country, explaining to young people the meaning of the concepts of peace, tranquility, solidarity linked to life.

The information was prepared by a history teacher:

Akhmetzhanova D.K.

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