My family is my reliance

    Morality and spirituality constitute the basis of the personality, therefore, the formation of an integral scientifically grounded picture of the world, the development of cognitive abilities, familiarization with universal human values ​​and the appropriation of these values ​​ are given a special priority place in educational activities in the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College.

   Spiritual and moral education of students is impossible without close interaction with the family.

Foundations of human morality are laid, norms of behavior are formed, the inner world and individual qualities of a person are revealed in the family. The family contributes not only to the formation of the personality, but also to the self-affirmation of a person, stimulates his social, creative activity, reveals his individuality.

  The family is the bearer of the cultural values ​​of society and people. It cultivates family values, conveys a system of values ​​to the younger generation, satisfies their cultural needs, forms an attitude towards the three basic values ​​of any culture: truth, goodness and beauty. The family has a huge responsibility for the image of the world, person and social life it forms in its children.

   Active forms of interaction with parents are used in the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College. For example, parent conferences where parents share their experiences of raising and teaching children are constantly held. It has become a good tradition to annually hold a festival “My family is my pride” at the college, dedicated to the Family Day, where family values, folk traditions are popularized and the social institution of the family is strengthened. Couples who have managed to keep peace and love in their home for many years share with students the secrets of family happiness.

   One of the non-traditional forms of social partnership in college today is the «We Are Together» family club, which was created in 2019, its main forms of work are round tables, psychological trainings, solving pedagogical situations, discussing the experience of family education, photo exhibitions of joint works. Meetings within the framework of the «We Are Together»  family club are dedicated to family traditions, the annual circle of holidays, the spiritual and moral foundations of the family’s way of life.

On May 15, the college held a competition “My family is my reliance “, dedicated to the International Family Day.

The purpose of the event was to strengthen and promote spiritual and moral family traditions and values, to promote the dissemination of the positive experience of socially responsible families leading a healthy lifestyle, developing the hobbies and talents of family members.

  Four families  took part in the competition: the Buts, the Shlopochenkos , the Madenovs and the Davydovs. The program of the competition consisted of three stages: a presentation of “Traditions of my family”, an intellectual competition and a creative task.

  In their presentations “The Traditions of My Family”, parents and children shared exactly what brings all close relatives together, makes them a family.

   For example, thr Davydovs love outdoor activities, fishing, travel, any trip brings a lot of positive to each family member and strengthens their relationship.

   In their speech, the Madenovs noted: “Everything in our family is built on love for each other. This is our strength. “

   A joint meeting of important events in life, respect for the elders and for the younger ones, honesty, responsibility – these are the values ​​that unite the Buts.

   The Shlopochenkos shared the tradition of exchanging views on the past day, labor and public affairs, the main motto of which is “Work first”.

Then the friendly teams demonstrated their intellectual and creative abilities: parents with children talked about their favorite books, films; composed and recited poetry.

   According to the results of the competition, all participants were awarded nominations and diplomas.

 Such events contribute to strengthening parent-child relations, family values, creating an atmosphere of joy, benevolence, popularizing the best experience of family education.


Dyusekeeva Lyudmila Kabdulaevna, Deputy Director for EW of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College

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