Keeping up with the times

Senior students students of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College have been learning remotely for the second academic year.

However, today distance learning no longer scares anyone, neither teachers, nor students, nor parents. Both experienced and young teachers of the college have clearly worked out the practical skills of conducting online lessons.

The following forms of work with students are actively used in the classroom,:

– an electronic game for practicing students’ knowledge on the studied topic;

– advanced assignments that students prepare and “defend” during the  online classes;

– watching training videos, the main role of which is played by the teachers themselves, showing students the correctness of the implementation of practical techniques on the topic of the lesson, etc.

The use of the program in the classroom by teachers increases students’ interest in performing training exercises, assignments for correlation, addition, etc.

Despite the fact that students are at a considerable distance from the teacher, each of them can ask questions on the topic and get a competent answer timely. College teachers systematically monitor the level of performance of assignments by students and motivate them to achieve even better results.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the teaching staff, the level of organization of educational activities remains high and contributes to the maintenance of students’ motivation for a better mastery of the chosen profession.

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