Glade of good deeds

To be in harmony with yourself and with the world around you, to be kind and to give good to everyone around you — this is the great happiness of a person. It is worth remembering that all life on Earth is based on kindness.

On 18.05.2021, the exercise “Glade of good deeds”was held in the college with students of the 1st year groups. The purpose of this event was the formation of spiritual and moral qualities, the education of an active civic position.

During the exercise, students noted the good deeds they had done during the month: they selflessly provided assistance to the elderly, veterans, friends, relatives, those in need, helped in the improvement of the city’s territory, participated in charity events to visit the family-type orphanage “Zhanuya”.

At the end of the exercise, the students created a “Flower of Good”, which marked the good deeds of our students

The information was prepared by teachers-psychologists of the college, Kozhevina Sh. Sh., Temirbek A. B.

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